Horses for Sale

Yearling Grandsons of High Brow Cat

V V Scat Cat  - Yearling APHA Solid Paint gelding -$2500 (will also have AQHA papers soon so he will be double registered)



High Brow Cat-Freckles Playboy yearling  fillies for sale 

Sire of these yearling fillies is a grandson of Freckles Playboy (also has Colonel Freckles, Smokin Jose, Doc Quixote, & Docs Lynx in bloodline . Their dam is a granddaughter of High Brow Cat 

VV Cat Trap - $2000


VV Bandito Cat - $2500

Mare for Sale - 2006 Black mare with 4 stockings bred to V V King Cat, son of High Brow Cat.....also has Freckles Playboy, Colonel Freckles Docs Lynx & Docs Quixote in bloodline - $2000


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