Horses for Sale
Yearling Stud Colts out General Freckles Lynx (grandson of Freckles Playboy) & High Brow Cat granddaughters - Line Back Duns - can also be registered in APHA

V V Double Trouble Cat - $2000 SOLD             V V Freckles Cat Dot Com - $2500


Yearling High Brow Cat Grandsons

V V This Cats Tuff - High Brow Cat/Smokin Jose - $2500


 V V Keystone Cat - High Brow Cat/Freckles Playboy - $2000

 V V Docs Tom Cat - High Brow Cat/Docs Prescription - Peppy San Badger - $3000  
YOU TUBE     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qP6Ow6QlCM

V V Boomerang Cat - APHA Solid Paint -- High Brow Cat /Azure Te & Easy Jet - will make big stout team roping or dogging prospect - $1500

High Brow Cat-Freckles Playboy Yearling fillies for sale  

  V V Krome Kitty - $1500 SOLD                      V V Playing With A Cat - $1500


High Brow Cat/Sailing Smart granddaughters . Sailing Smart was World Champion Reing ing horse.  
V V Smart Hissy Cat - $2000                        V V Cats Mini Chic - $2500 SOLD

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